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The Declaration is a masterpiece written in the science fiction genre. Most people think science fiction is really remote, pretty epic, and a waste of time. I am calling out to those “most people” you are not alone. I, too, was agree with you before reading The Declaration. But prepare to break your taboos! Here is the book recommendation about The Declaration.

BookThe Declaration
AuthorGemma Malley
The SerialThe Declaration, The Resistance, The Legacy
Other books by the author that you may interest inThe Killables, The Disappearances, The System, The Returners

The Declaration is a novel set in the future, where ‘Longetivity’ drugs have been invented, providing every human being with perfect health, and so essentially every human being can live forever. Consequently, by taking these drugs, you have to sign the ‘Declaration’, which states that you aren’t allowed to have a child, as the population would no longer be in balance. However, some people break the Declaration; these children are classed as ‘Surplus’, and are sent to a Surplus Hall, where they are trained to be servants, and help repent for their parents’ sins. But anarchy is congenital even in a society where human birth is prohibited. So things don’t go as planned…


The Declaration is a page-turner that had me on the edge of my seat. The world that Malley has invented is precise in every way and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It managed to not only incorporate suspense and the importance of family and love, but it also raised a philosophical question- should there be a world where no one dies, but no one is born?

Our first main character in the book is Anna. When you open the book you are going to read her diary’s first paragraph. My name is Anna and I should not be here. I should not exist. But I exist. With these sentences, you can understand the philosophy of all Surplus. Anna is nearly 15 years old and has lived in Grange Hall for most of her life. She was taken away from her parents at the age of two and now, in the year 2140, she has learned to “hate [her] parents” for bringing her into the world. Anna has also grown up believing that her parents hate her because it is her fault they are imprisoned. But she meets Peter. This brave girl’s life changes after meeting Peter.

You have wondered Peter, isn’t it? Then I suggest you read the book immediately. I could not do this evil to you by writing the summary of this wonderful Book. From the background of Malley’s characters to the messages the book wants to convey, this book definitely worth reading. I am very curious about your comments on this book. Let’s turn my article, which is a book recommendation with the comments you wrote, into a review!

“He said that we belonged together because he was born with a flower and I was born with a butterfly. And that flowers and butterflies need each other for survival.”

The Declaration
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