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In the first times of online education, the students and teachers were biased. Distanced education was implemented for the first time in 1728. With the development of technology and the introduction of the internet into our lifes, distanced learning has evolved into online education. I am convinced that we are already ready for online education. But of course, many people weren’t knowledgeable about online education, which negatively affected education. Online education has created situations where it is beneficial as well as the situations that it affects badly. I am going to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the online education.

First of all, we must introduce what is bad about online education. If we spread the start of online education over time, education became stagnant due to lack of communication and similar factors. This may be related to infrastructure problems. Due to the lack of precautions and being caught unprepared, it shows its bad effect in a delayed communication.

Another bad situation is the student apathy that occurs as a result of the students not being followed. This situation adversely affects both teachers and students. For example, According to the TEGV (Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation) report; The rate of asynchronous education follow-up is 47% and the live course attendance rate is 11% through the EBA (Turkish online education system for primary, secondary and high schools) online portal. The fact that the camera is not turned on in the classroom affects the lesson psychology of teachers and students badly.


In addition, this situation affects the course efficiency and affects the student’s academic success. If we talk about infrastructure problems, many students have internet access, computers, phones, and similar technological deficiencies. Especially students who study in village schools or places with unfavorable geographical conditions experience infrastructural problems. According to the OECD 2018 report, the proportion of children with access to computers for school work in Turkey 33%. The rate of access to the internet is stated as 50%. However, the OECD, in a report released during the COVID-19 distance education the computer has been reported to fall to one out of every four students in Morocco, Vietnam and Turkey. For this reason, Turkey, from February 15 announced the school will open in villages.

72% of the children belonging to the households considered as poor and 82% of the students belonging to the households considered as Middle and High could not benefit from online education worldwide. According to the report published by the United Nations in April, the rate of students affected by the pandemic worldwide is 94% according to the data in the middle of April. Considering the period that has passed since April, we may have thrown away the one-year education of many students.

Moreover, Online education has an abstract meaning for students. Especially, disabling many sensory organs negatively affects the education of students. I strongly believe that chaos at home also adversely affects the education of students. The most important reason for this is the distraction of students.


On the other hand, we must introduce what is good about online education? Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of online education is saving time. The obstacles that exhausted students and teachers with the time allocated to the road, expenses, and similar methods were removed. According to what some people say, the sense organs have no function in education. But what is forgotten in this case is the psychological brain structure. Skin contact is psychologically important because the perception of our brain is towards our touch.

In conclusion, we cannot do online education with big groups and this situation is affecting education in a bad way. Considering the current situation, face-to-face training will not be possible for a time due to the Covid-19 outbreak. For this reason, plans should be made to reduce the negative effects of online education. It is also clear that the downsides of online education prevail.

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